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Our Walking Food Tours Manifesto

April 10, 2018
1 min.
Thanks to the great success of our Walking Palates Manifesto, after introducing our Walking Food Tour in our previous post, we decided to prepare a Walking Food Tour Manifesto.
Here it is!

  • We’re on time. All of us. Always.

  • We have a lot of appetite, good humour and curiosity

  • We are respectful and thankful for those who produced and prepared the food and wine that we’re offered, and for those who serve us

  • We seek genuine dishes, great stories and real people

  • We are looking for tasty local food and great professionals of food, wine and hospitality

  • We prefer seasonal products and local ingredients, though we don’t distaste what comes from far away

  • We’re adventurous taster, always keen to try new recipes, ingredients and audacious combinations of flavours

  • We’re curious discoverer of the local culture

  • We love good company and we’re courteous when bringing people together through food, wine and authentic experiences of the real local life
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