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The Boston cooking-school cook book

by Fannie Merritt Farmer
December 02, 2021
2 min.
“Food is anything which nourishes the body. [...] Food is necessary for growth, repair, and energy; therefore the elements composing the body must be found in the food.”

In 1896, Fannie Merritt Farmer wrote a cookbook that became a landmark of 19th-century gastronomy. It is still read today and has been the best-selling cookery book of its time.
What is special about this work, and what makes it noteworthy when comparing it to the gastronomic literature of its period, is the author's style. As Farmer herself said, the attention to detail and the visible search of writing elegance, are as good as the recipes themselves.

It contains almost 1850 recipes! This masterpiece sums up the author's knowledge of basically… everything there is to know in a kitchen, from utensils to spinach puree and coffee or lobster.

 Happy reading!

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