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Food Stories
Food stories
our library
January 04, 2021
1 min.
Ancient cookbooks and novels revolving around food and wine
poured tea black and withe
January 16, 2020
14 min.
A new journey through curious beliefs and odd behaviours
garlic against bad luck
September 01, 2019
13 min.
A journey through ancient beliefs and strange food-related behaviours
balcony with flowers in piazza navona in rome
July 28, 2019
7 min.
An ideal time for cultural and culinary vacations in Italy
smiling corks
January 02, 2019
2 min.
A little bit of self-hailing for our soul and self-esteem
dark forest with high trees
December 02, 2018
6 min.
The gruesome story behind the fabulous Risotto alla monzese
toast with three glasses of white wine
June 14, 2018
3 min.
A story of friendship behind Walking Palates
friends toasting
June 03, 2018
1 min.

Licensed local guides and… food and wine lovers!

people eating at buffet
June 01, 2018
1 min.
Sommeliers, chefs, food artisans… but, first of all, passionate food and wine experts
top view of people at the table with food
April 05, 2018
3 min.
We’re glad to introduce the new and tasty experiences by Walking Palates