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by Ladies of St. John
October 02, 2021
2 min.
“To be good; be useful. To be useful, always be making something good.”

Today's text is an unusual one when compared to most of the books that you’ll find in our library.

What you have in our hands this time is a small book of about fifty pages. But, although short and concise, it is a window onto another world, as most books are.

One may wonder: "who are the women of St. John's?". Well, let’s go to the small Canadian community of St. John of the 19th century. In the first pages of the book we can read: 'In aid of the funds of our benevolent institutions', and 'These recipes have been contributed by housekeepers, who have used and proved them'. A gastronomic manual, the purpose of which is to raise funds and help the neediest people in the city.

We hope that this brief historical context will help you appreciate the work for what it is: kindness in the form of a cookbook.

Happy reading!

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