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Walking Palates' Manifesto

Curious adventurers of Taste
March 28, 2018
2 min.
Our guidelines when creating our products, running our company and when enjoying life while eating and drinking.
And that we’d love you to share with us.

  • Always look for genuine ingredients and products

  • Consume seasonal products, because they’re tastier and because they respect the environment and the local lifestyle

  • Respect and protect the environment with all the mans and choices at our disposal

  • Always practice our sense of humour

  • Work only with the best professionals of the travel and food and wine industry

  • Respect those who work with us and for us on all levels, and be grateful and respectful towards those that produce, cook and serve our food and wine

  • Prefer local products without eliminating completely what comes from far away

  • Always seek authenticity and try to know the stories and traditions that make what we’re eating (and drinking) tastier

  • Always look for quality in the ingredients, in the modes of production and in the final product

  • Be curious adventurers of Taste and when possible experiment new flavours, be them recipes based on unknown ingredients, brave combinations of flavours or culinary traditions that are different from ours

Update: we’ve published a post on seasonal eating!
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