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Our Walking Food Tours

We’re glad to introduce the new and tasty experiences by Walking Palates
April 05, 2018
3 min.
Welcome back on our blog that is now “one month old”!
Today we’d like to tell you – very briefly – a little more about us and what we do. In last month’s post we told a little about our team and our stories: about Antonio, who makes the tastiest “torroncini”, or about Paolo, who travels no-stop almost since birth and who’s been a professional in the travel industry for more than twenty years.

The idea behind our company is simple: to unite our knowledge and professionalism in travelling and hospitality together with our expertise of – and passion for – food and wine, to create the tastiest and most authentic experiences.

The first experiences that we’re offering – and that can be bought on our website since a couple of days – are Walking Food Tours. Itinerant lunches or dinners in various cities, all made of at least five stops (yet sometimes up to ten) and at least seven tastings (and up to twelve) to offer the richness of the culinary soul of each city, following an Italian menu starting with the antipasto to the “primo” and so on, all rigorously of the highest quality and coupled with local wines.

We’ve chosen incredible neighborhoods beloved by locals, real hidden gems off-the-beaten track where getting lost is a pleasure: Monti neighbourhood in Rome, Porta Ticinese in Milan… While walking in small groups (max 12 people but usually between 4 to 8 people) together with our Food Ambassador (a passionate foody who’s also a licensed guide), tasting the best that each city has to offer, we die together into the history, the flavours, the people, the traditions, the innovations, the art, the hidden corners and the incredible richness usually known only to locals... We’re looking forward to host you on the tastiest stroll in town!
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