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Our Walking Food Tour of Naples

The best of Neapolitan cuisine
May 04, 2018
1 min.
We are sooo excited to announce our newly arrived Walking Food Tour of Naples.

And our mouths are watering at the idea of it, even if we’ve tested it many times already.
Ancient and rich in folklore and history, the most musical of the Italian cities, with breath-taking views and warm at heart… Naples is a colourful city with an incredible richness of recipes.
Naples and WalkingPalates have so much in common!

Our Walking Food Tour of Naples is now ready and online. Its name describes impeccably the essence of the city and of the experience that we offer: stories that need to be told and are beautiful to listen to. Join our FoodAmbassadors to discover the magic of our food and of the alleys and squares of the “centro storico”. Embrace the tastes and venues that will allow you into the very soul of our favourite Italian city.

Stay Tasty!
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