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Our Walking Food Tour of Milan

Discover and eat Milan 

May 02, 2018
2 min.
We are extremely excited (and definitely hungry) announcing our newly arrived Walking Food Tour of Milan.

Traditional and innovative, ancient and modern, fast paced and taking its time when the matter is important, for example for a coffee with friends or lunch with family… Milan is a multicultural city with a strong Italian flavor.
WalkingPalates and Milan have a lot in common! Our Walking Food Tour of Milan is now ready to rock and roll.

Its name “From Traditions to Innovation” recaps perfectly the essence of the city and of the experience that we offer.
Our FoodAmbassadors can’t wait to share the taste and the magic of our food and of the places with you on a journey that meanders from off-the-beaten-track unknown jewels to beautiful sites, diving into tastes and venues that will make you participate to the different souls of such a vibrant city.

Stay Tasty!

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