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Old Cookery Books

by W. Carew Hazlitt
February 02, 2021
1 min.
“The staple food among the lower orders in Anglo-Saxon and the immediately succeeding times was doubtless bread, butter, and cheese, the aliment which goes so far even yet to support our rural population, with vegetables and fruit, and occasional allowances of salted bacon and pancakes, beef, or fish.”

A classic written in Victorian English, this book was published in London in 1902 and it is a milestone of British cuisine. It provides a great insight on British – and especially on Victorian and English – dishes, etiquette and recipes. It is a dedicated history of recipes and an anthology of cook books where a number of texts are discussed but that also includes interesting sections on meats, pies, cheeses and wines, as well as descriptions of cooking styles and methods of serving and etiquette.

Old recipes are mentioned along the text, and it is interesting to read about cooking styles that aren’t used anymore – though we were very tempted to try some of them! What also picked our curiosity is how the perception and use of ingredients changes according to time, as does the idea of what is a starter, a main course and so on.

Happy reading!

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