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Introducing the WalkingPalates Blog

Nice to eat with you!
March 05, 2018
2 min.
I’m thrilled and very hungry while writing the very first, introductory post to our WalkingPalates blog.

My name is Daniele and I am Web manager of this site and editor of this blog. I’m also an unofficial tester for this fantastic company.

Where shall we start?
From meatballs spaghetti? Not many Italians eat that nowadays. And almost nobody in Italy knows Fettuccine Alfredo, although that recipe is known with other names. Well, we aim at discussing this and much, much more in our blog: recipes, curiosities, travel suggestions, tips, stories, anecdotes and little secrets hidden behind local food cultures.

Our “Blogging Palates” will be an opportunity to share with our friends a series of blogpost about our FoodMasters, the Italian culture of wine, tips to design and plan a great gourmet trip. As a starter, here’s a short video of one of our FoodMasters, the artisans of local food that make our product so special.

Stay tuned and be part of the leading movement to support, discover and share artisanal food and food producers!

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