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How everything started

A story of friendship behind Walking Palates
June 14, 2018
3 min.
Many of you know how this adventure started, because we talked A LOT with friends and colleagues and family before making the big leap. On the other hand, many of you don’t know who we are. Therefore today we decided to give a little bit of background information about ourselves because we know that this will help having a better understanding of why Walking Palates is so special.

WalkingPalates was founded by Paolo and Antonio, two friends who met years and years (and years) ago when living in Amsterdam and working for a very important (and awesome) company in the tourist industry. Both of us have years of experience on the road and behind the desk, always with the aim of helping travellers get the best out of their trip.

Somewhere along the road, more than ten years ago, Antonio decided to take a “sweet deviation” and followed his dream starting Autore Chocolate – he became a chocolate producer and a new chapter of life begun, moving back in Naples region and taking on the old tradition of “croccantino”. He’d worked in croccantino’s workshop has a student and as a teenager, as most kids would do in the town of San Marco dei Cavoti where he was born and where the tradition has passed down from generation to generation since at least two centuries ago. Antonio is enthusiast about his life choice: “working on artisanal food is just amazing. It is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know and try delicious products, to create something tasty and healthy, to contribute to the local economy, to keep it clean and environmentally-friendly… in other words, to do the right thing! But it is also a way to get to know extraordinary people with unique and incredible stories”.

One day, while sitting in a trattoria in Rome, eating probably the best amatriciana ever and after a couple of glasses of wine from the Roman castles, Paolo and Antonio realized that they had a great network of amazing people producing or preparing amazing food, and were part of one of the best networks of travel professionals one could dream of. Share that knowledge and those experiences was simply required from humanity!

And here we are, talking about another dream! WalkingPalates is our choice to create a food community that connects travellers and food lovers with the best food and travel professionals: amazing people and their very unique stories.

Update : Here’s another post on “why we are special”.
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