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American Woman’s Cookbook

Edited and revised by Ruth Berolzheimer
January 04, 2021
1 min.
“The best and simplest frame for any salad is a bed of lettuce leaves or shredded lettuce, cabbage or cress. Many salads are made more attractive by a sprinkling of chopped nuts or capers, minced green pepper or red pimiento or a grating of cheese.”

This book was originally published in 1938 and contains over 10,000 recipes and advices on how to buy food, menu planning, table setting and service, vegetable carving...

A best-seller, you can easily find this book in many American households. Explanations are simple, and portions are smaller than today. Even plates (es. Vernoware) were smaller: 8” in diameter on the average, while today they are usually 10”. Healthier diet in the past?

If we could, we’d change the title, because we don’t think that cooking is related to gender: but this is a book that’s almost a hundred years old. You can find all sort of recipes: from vegetarian dishes to French recipes, some suggestions about wine and even food that can be cooked at high altitude!

Happy reading!

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