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A little bit of self-hailing for our soul and self-esteem
January 02, 2019
2 min.
It’s been a while since the last time that we praised ourselves. Well, a little bit of self-hailing is good for the soul and for the self-esteem, isn’t it? In fact, as it happens to many of us, with the New Year that has just started we’ve thought a little about ourselves, about what we’ve done so fare and about our plans for the future and… we’ve found out that we are really special!

Because we care about the people we work with. Because we love what we do and we put all the passion we have in every itinerary that we create. How many times we’ve visited a city and left thinking: “I wish I had more time to see more places and taste more food!” but also “I wonder what locals think of this or that” and “I’d love to meet someone from here”. We had this idea in my mind when we started our Walking Palates project: to share the places we know, the professionals that we admire, the hidden treasures of our cities, the food that we crave for. We can’t create more time, but we can use efficiently the little time we have. So, we’re special because we strive to offering the opportunity to see and experience the real thing, to taste the real stuff, A LOT OF TASTY FOOD that only locals know about, to put the best that a city can offer in the little time we have at our disposal, and as much as possible in terms of quality and authenticity.

Looking forward to seeing you on our Walking Food Tours!
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