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From grapes to wine
Grapes harvesting is a ritual that occurs between September and October. It is a special event for wine producers, that have to make sure that grapes reach the perfect degree of ripeness before start harvesting.
The wine producer (o wine maker o vintner) will take you through the wineyard. You will learn how geographical location and exposure are relevant to wine making and how wine taste can change each year depending on the climate.
The harvest is done manually in order to lay each cluster gently in the baskets that will be brought immediately to the cellar.
Grapes are first de-stemmed (berries are separates from the stems). Then, the grapes flow into fermentation tanks and the process of wine making begins.
At the end of grapes harvesting, the landlord will organize a pic-nic of local specialties for you and you will taste some of his best wines.
  • Trasfer to/from the countryside

  • Grape harvesting guided experience

  • It can be combined with other activities or included in itineraries

  • Pic-nic of local specialties (or traditional lunch in case of bad weather)
  • It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Grape harvesting is only available at certain times of the year. Contact us to check dates and availability.
  • We organize grape harvesting in different Italian regions. Get in touch and tell us where you would like your experience to take place.
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