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Pesto Workshop
Everybody knows pesto. In Italy we call it pesto alla Genovese (pesto in the style of Genoa) because pesto – meaning literally “reduced into a paste” – is not just one sauce, but a way of making fresh sauces.

A very old system using the ingredients, mortar and pestle. There are dozens of different kinds of pesto, from all over Italy. We love, for instance, the pesto alla Trapanese (pesto in the style of Trapani), with almonds and tomatoes, but also the pesto alla Calabrese made with chilly peppers, tomatoes, pecorino cheese and red onions. Pestos can be used on pasta, but also as a sauce for meat and fish; to create appetizers and finger food; they are great in vegetarian diets and as dips for your aperitivo or on bruschetta. In this workshop we create different pestos from various regions of Italy, using both old (hand-made) and modern techniques, under the supervision of an expert.

During this three-hours-long experience we also sip some fantastic wine, pairing it with the different types of pestos that we’ll be tasting on bread, in pasta, in special recipes... By the way, we will taste some pestos made by ourselves on the spot, and others prepared by our chefs ahead of time, just to get the best out of our experience. We will learn tricks and secrets to get the perfect balance of flavours and many different ways to use your pesto. Join us for a perfect afternoon of excellent flavours, cooking techniques, tasty drinks and a lot of fun.

Last, but not least, we’ll ship to your home address (or any other address of your choice) a personalized selection of the pestos you made.
  By local professionals and expert artisans
      Learn something real
  Bring it home with you
  Includes transportation
  • Workshops are in English but other languages are available upon request here.
  • We organize pesto workshop in different Italian regions. Get in touch and tell us where would you like your experience to take place.

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What they say about us

We loved all the dishes proposed and the location is just perfect! Would definitely recommend this tour.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller
In a word, outstanding! If you are in any doubt about booking, do it, you won't be disappointed.

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