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Hands on Experiences

What are Hands-on Experiences?
Hands-on experiences are designed for those who love the world of food and wine and want to get to the heart of the kitchen in a practical way through cooking lessons, workshops, visits to artisans, historical re-enactments and experiences such as olive or grapes. 

Will I need to eat before or after the experience?
We recommend not to eat before any Hands-on experience because food tastings are always included. 

What are Cooking Classes?
Cooking Classes are courses made up of small groups and led by renowned chefs. You have the possibility to learn different techniques and recipes, to prepare a complete meal and to enjoy it together with your group at the end of the class.

What are Workshops?
Workshops are activities of different duration in which you are directly involved in the preparation of a specific product. 

What are In Farm and Nature Experiences?
These are activities designed to learn more about the origins of the products we love most and contribute to their realization, such as the olive picking and the oil production or the grape picking. 

What are Eating in the Past experiences?
Eating in the Past experiences are activities designed to discover the fascinating history of food of the past, through stories and practical demonstrations and original recipes tasting. 

Are there alternatives for specific dietary restrictions?
We offer alternatives for all types of dietary restrictions (vegetarians, vegans, gluten, lactose intolerants, etc). You will be asked to inform us about your dietary restriction at time of booking. Please, try to be as specific as possible to better organize your experience. If you forgot to let us know something, you can get in touch with us via email or through the contact form here.

Where is the meeting point?
The meeting point will be provided few days before the experience. 

Where does my experience end?
Meeting point and ending point are usually the same. However, this is always pointed out in each product description and in the confirmation email. At the end of each experience, our FoodAmbassador is available to provide information about how to reach your next destination or to call a cab for you. 

Is transportation included?
It depends on the activity. When not included, you can request it as an extra service.

Is departure guaranteed for every experience?
Departure is always guaranteed. It means that the booking is immediately confirmed at the time of purchase. 

How big is the group?
The maximum number of participants varies according to the type of experience and the city in which it takes place. Since we prefer an intimate and cozy atmosphere and to ensure the highest quality, we only work with small groups that generally never exceed 12 people. If you want to enjoy the experience only for you and your family or your friends, you can choose "Private" option on the product calendar or request it here.

Are the experiences children-friendly?
We offer activities that have been specifically for children here.

What should I wear?
No specific clothing is required. However, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes according to the weather forecast and the season. In addition, some activities are carried out in the countryside or in environments where it could be slightly dirty. We recommend to choose your own clothing also according to the type of experience. 

Do I need specific
equipment to join Cooking classes or Workshops? 
No, we provide all the necessary equipment and kitchen utensils.

Will the experience still take place in case of severe weather?
Our experiences take place whether rain or shine and we have indoor options for all stops. In case weather is so severe that authorities issue a red alert and there is a real danger for safety, you will be promptly notified that the tour date is canceled, and you will receive a voucher for a future tour or get a refund. 

Will the experience still take place in case of strike/terrorist attack/ act of god etc?
Your safety is our most important priority and we will never jeopardize it. In case we are informed of any situation that may be a threat to your safety, we will do our best to get in touch with you and inform you that the food tour is canceled. In that case, we will offer you the possibility of rescheduling, to deviate the itinerary, receive a voucher for a future tour or a full refund. 

Are the experiences wheelchair/stroller friendly?
Many itineraries are not accessible on wheelchairs or with a stroller. For further information or for a path without architectural barriers contact us here.

Are there restrooms during the experiences?
Yes, indeed! There are restrooms at many locations along the way. For specific needs, please inform your FoodAmbassador. 

What can I do if I am late? 
It is a matter of respect for our professionals and for your co-travellers to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the experience scheduled starting time. The Food Ambassador starts the experience at the scheduled hour. If you are late, you may call us and try to find the group once they started the food tour. There are no guarantees that you will be able to find the rest of the group, as our Food Ambassadors is narrating and will likely not be able to answer the phone. There are no reschedules or refunds for late comers who cannot find the group.

I can’t find the meeting point, what can I do?
A few days before of the experience, we send an email to all participants and provide useful information on the meeting point and how to get there. We recommend checking the location of the meeting point the day before the experience. In case of difficulty on the day of the experience, you can contact us by phone or Whatsapp at the emergency phone that is provided at time of booking.

I lost my group, what can I do?
We always recommend staying close to the group and not leaving it for any reason. In case it happens, you can call the emergency number that is provided at time of booking.

I just booked an experience and I forgot to specify my dietary restrictions, what can I do?
You can get in touch with us via email or through the contact form here.

Are there any extras available?
We offer extras such as travel insurance and transportation. Their availablility depends on the experience you choose. Before you complete your reservation, you will be able to select extra services and have further details.

Is it necessary to print the confirmation email/booking?
You won’t be asked to show any confirmation email or voucher, but we highly suggest to have at least a digital copy with you to show. 

Is it possible to book an experience for a large group of people?
Of course. Whether you are a private or a B2B operator, please get in touch with us so that we can send you our best offer.

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