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Celebrating Birthday in Rome - Testaccio
Testaccio is a neighborhood located at the foot of the Aventine Hill - also known as Monte Testaccio -an artificial hill made from fragments of ancient Roman amphorae.
The Birthday Stroll is dedicated to the best food and wine in Rome and it begins with an Italian Aperitivo and a welcome toast with bubbles and finger food.

The ritual of the Aperitivo has its origins in the city of Turin. Roman cuisine is characterized by the use of poor ingredients, the only ones that families of the past had available to survive.
With few ingredients they tried to create tasty dishes that could nourish and at the same time satisfy the palates of the whole family.

Walking through the neighborhood, next stops are carachterized by tastings of traditional dishes paired with local wines, you can choose between carbonara, cacio e pepe, gricia or amatriciana. Based on the dish served, the Food Ambassador suggests the best wine to pair.
For example, a carbonara is paired with a white wine from the Frascati area or a full-bodied red wine to match the Amatriciana.

The Birthday stroll in Testaccio ends in one of the most historic pastry shops in the neighborhood for a personalized cake and a final toast.
  Birthday cake and final toast
  Minimum of four food stops and three top-shelf wines 
  Highest quality food and wine
      Typical Roman restaurants
  FoodAmbassador, a licensed local guide and food and wine expert
Private tour
3.5 hours
2 km / 1.5 miles
English - other languages available upon request.
  • Vegetarian, non-alcoholic alternatives and for any dietary restrictions can be provided. Please specify it at time of booking.
  • The experience is in English but other languages are available upon request. Contact us!
  • The exact address of meeting point will be provided via email few days before the experience.
  • The experience can be tailored and private upon request. Contact us!
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What they say about us

We highly recommend this tour! We were taken to places that definitely felt "off the beaten path"...hidden gems where we were treated as VIPs and never would have stumbled upon them on our own. We enjoyed delicious food and wine. Wonderful experience from start to finish.
Becky M
Becky M
This was one of my best days in Rome! It was such a pleasure learning about traditional Roman foods/drinks all while enjoying it at some of the best cafes and bistros. Valerio did an amazing job discussing all the details, and everything was perfectly choreographed with no waiting at any of the stops. This was my third trip to Rome and next time I will definitely do this tour again!
We loved all the dishes proposed and the location is just perfect! Would definitely recommend this tour.
This company is wonderful- a MUST for all foodies- ask for Linda G. for your guide- she is so knowledgeable about everything food, and Rome and its neighborhoods as well! Our custom food tour (Walking Palates included EVERYTHING we asked for) took us to Trastevere to meet Piero the King of Porchetta, then to Testaccio for amazing food stops with craft beer and wine tastings, and lastly to an epic bakery with a Linda arranged amazing birthday cake for my wife! Four hours of great food, local learning, and laughs! Linda even stayed in touch afterwards and via emails directed us to the best in restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and more great food shops and restaurants in Rome- she truly is amazing, and Walking Palates was a pleasure to work with in setting it all up

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