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The flavors of the floating maze

The Progressive dinner starts with the classical Italian aperitivo, where you can toast with the famous Spritz or Prosecco in an exclusive wine bar not far from San Marco.

The Venetian cicchetti are the next sample of our culinary journey. They are made distintive by extreme combination of flavors based on cod fish or liver patè. Of course you can also find less risky aromas. The cicchetti tasting is carefully paired with the right local wine.

The Walking Food Tour goes on with a pasta sample in one of the oldest and more representative restaurants of Venice, with origins dating back to the 16th century, now a major reference point for many gondoliers at lunchtime. While eating you can breath the magical atmosphere of the floating city among local people.

The tour continues through undisclosed and amazing locations and other food and wine samples come on the way.

The itinerant menu couldn’t end without a sweet note.

  • A progressive dinner, (a real Italian meal)

  • Minimum of five food stops and three top-shelf wines

  • Highest quality food and wine

  • Typical Venetian restaurants

  • FoodAmbassador, a licensed local guide and food and wine expert

  • Small groups

3,5 hours
3 km / 1,9 km
San Marco, Rialto, Canneregio
English. Other languager are available upon request
Piazza San Marco
5:00 p.m.
Monday to Saturday
  • Vegetarian,non-alcoholic alternatives and for any dietary restrictions can be provided. Please specify it at time of booking.

  • Our food tour is in English but tours in other languages are available upon request. Contact us!

  • The exact address of meeting point will be provided via email few days before the tour.

Request information or book your Progressive Dinner here!

What they say about us

Great experience. The tour exposed us to different foods. Lots of food! We enjoyed the neighborhood and went back for dinner at one of the restaurants later in the week.
Henry Grant2
Henry Grant2
You guys do it well! Tried it in Firenze, loved it - tried it in Venezia, Loved it! Thank you! I am sorry I missed you guys in Roma and Napoli but I often travel to Italy and I will definitely try it. I loved it because it is very different from the previous one that I did just a couple of days before in Florence. The format is similar but the food is very different. I would have never expected that Firenze and Venezia have such a different history, culture and food! It is Italia but it is not quite the same! I had no clue before this two tours that food culture in Italia is so rooted in the region, area or tow, this opened up a world that I did not know about Italian cuisine. Well, now I know that Veneziani don`t eat Pasta with Meatballs but they call Ombreta a glass of red wine! Superb!

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